What is the answer to power in your backyard?

An inverter charger can provide you with power anywhere in your house. Whether it is in at your third floor where no electricity is present, if your backyard were you wat to listen to some great music, or you want a power supply for your new pool. An inverter charger can do it all.

Do you often need 230 volts devices when you are on the road, in your car or you just want electricity that can deliver sufficient power outside your home? Check out some of the best power inverters here. Such a voltage vormer is directly connected to the device and will translate electricity from 12 volts to 230 volts, the same as a socket. Smaller voltage vormers (till 300 watts) can also be connected to a cigarette connection. In the rule, we can transfer a power inverter to cigarette connections. In the most cases a power of 600 watt is sufficient for example a laptop, sound system or coffee machine.

A mass combi inverter charger can transform a battery charger in one device. This is a great device which gives the best of two worlds in one electric system. It is also the most advanced technique out there and can be bundled where you are absolutely sure that you will get the value for money. Without any space to ask, this device provides the space for the best basic supply and for smaller systems. In no other haven you should worry about the quality of the power supply; it is all done with a mass combi inverter charger!

The power supply is good and reliable. Devices, also for home use can now be safely attached to the board. Because of this inverter charger, you can also attack airconditioning systems to this device, dish washers and microwaves. Were you do not have electricity cables, because you live in an older house or parts were no electricity was necessary. The only thing you should watch out for is that an inverter charger cannot be used with a airconditioning and a dishwasher. So if you want to have a cool room throughout the day, always make sure when you put the dishwasher on; you put the airconditioning off. This way the charger will not become overloaded.

A Short History on Portuguese Wines

The origins of Portuguese wine date back to 2000 BC when vines were planted in the Tagus and Sado Valleys. During this phase, Portuguese wines mainly came from the Southern Coastal regions of the country.  Later down the track, ancient civilizations such as the Romans spread the vineyards to the Northern parts of the Portugal. Portugal began exporting its wines to Rome.; and then eventually to England after 1703. The Methuen Treaty made Portuguese wines preferable in the British wine market over French wines.

In 1756, wine varietal, Port, became all the trend, and Sebastiao Jose Carvalho e Melo established boundaries and regulations for the production of Port in Douro. Since then, Portugal has been known as one of the greatest producers of Port in the world.

Centuries later, once Portugal had joined the European Union, the motionless wine industry was revived once again in the form of grants and other financing.

That’s all for now folks, that is my very summarised version of the history of wine from my great homeland, Portugal. Hope you learnt something!

Hello Wine Enthusiasts!

Hello everyone out in the blogosphere! I’ll give you a bit of background. My name is Rob (Roberto) and I was born in Portugal – hence the name of the website; don’t be fooled though, I’ll be discussing a variety of wine-related topics and wines from all over the world! I am 28 years old and consider myself a major wino. I love drinking it, I love talking about, I love writing about it. I consider myself to be more in the know than the average wine drinker, but am in no way a connoisseur  (yet!) I have attended wine events, done numerous courses and have made wine my greatest passion. I don’t know everything about wine and I don’t pretend to; I simply enjoy wine and the industry. I hope you all enjoy my posts, feel free to leave  comments, as long as they are complimentary (just kidding!)